Team Tillie: Meet Jeanne Marshall

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Team Tillie Tester Jeanne Marshall


Before any Matilda’s Closet or AptOne8 pattern is presented to the public, it is tested by Team Tillie, our fabulous team of volunteers.


Today meet Jeanne Marshall, one of those talented testers…



Please tell us a little about yourself …

I live in Atlantic County, New Jersey, with my fiance and two of my daughters. My other two daughters are both married. We are only about 20 minutes from the beach. I love living in New Jersey because there is always something to do. I also have three grandchildren.

When and how did you learn how to sew?

20160420_210318I learned to sew when I was little.

My grandmom and mother started teaching me on a tiny plastic sewing machine making clothes for my Barbie dolls.

I upgraded to a real machine after a year or so.

I started making clothes for 18-inch American Girl™ dolls when one of my daughters got a doll and I saw just how much the clothes really cost.



What do you do with the items you create during the testing process once testing is complete?

Most of the items I create during the testing process my youngest plays with. I am currently getting ready to start selling them. (My daughter has way too many doll clothes now! LOL).

What kind of sewing machine do you use? What do you like most about it?

I currently use a Baby Lock Elizabeth that my family bought me for my birthday. I love everything about it. My favorite feature on it is the button for cutting the thread.


Are there any tricks or other tools you use to make it easier to sew doll-sized clothing?

20160420_205319The biggest trick to sewing such small items is to read the directions.

Everything is actually done for a reason, even if we don’t understand it at the time.

And iron the seams even though they are tiny.






When you’re not sewing, what other hobbies or activities do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy all kinds of crafts. I knit, crochet and do cross-stitch. My daughters love doing crafts, so we do things as a family also. When it is nice, we try and do outdoor activities like boating, fishing and going to the playground.

Which is your favorite Matilda’s Closet or AptOne8 pattern and why?

I just can’t pick only one pattern. I actually love them all.

I think the AptOne8 patterns are my favorite because my daughters like to help with the cutting and picking the colors.



Is there anything else you’d like to share with our blog readers?

The one thing I would like to say is to have fun with your dolls. I actually have my own dolls that my daughters do not play with. Enjoy them.


TeamTillieBadgeFind more photos of outfits made using our patterns in the Team Tillie Idea Gallery!

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