PVC FITTING: 1/2-inch 4-way side outlet tee


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4-way 1/2-inch PVC fitting (slip)

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Furniture-grade, UV-protected, 1/2-inch 4 way. Also called “PVC side outlet tees.” Slip all four ways. Used for many construction projects. Not NSF rated and not suitable for plumbing projects.


Questions and answers about this product ...

  1. Answered by the admin AptOne8 patterns always specify whether to use PVC or CPVC on the supply list, and in general, the two kinds of pipe are not interchangeable because PVC is significantly bulkier than CPVC, even when both are labeled "1/2-inch." In the case of the Market Stand, you must use regular PVC pipe and fittings for the pattern to work. (Not only are the dimensions for each type of pipe different, fittings such as 3-WAYS and 4-WAYS are only available in PVC - to our knowledge, they don't exist in CPVC form.)

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