Matilda’s Closet Caddy PVC Plans & Supplies

Download eligible versions of this pattern for FREE with 499 Tillie Tokens! (Applicable only when offered at regular price.)

Download eligible versions of this pattern for FREE with 499 Tillie Tokens! (Applicable only when offered at regular price.)


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Build this carry-along Matilda’s Closet Caddy constructed of PVC pipe, including optional divider inserts to help you organize all of your doll’s favorite shoes & accessories!



Create a carry-along doll clothing closet from PVC pipe for storing your doll’s favorite outfits, complete with extra space to stash shoes, hats, purses and other favorite accessories!

This PDF project plan includes instructions for building a lightweight, easy-to-carry, free-standing closet from PVC pipe. The 18-inch hanging rod provides ample room to hang several outfits using doll-sized hangers that fit a 1/2-inch rod. Instructions are also included to adapt the frame to fit hangers requiring a slightly smaller rod diameter by substituting CPVC pipe for the hanging rod.

In addition to the closet frame, instructions include pattern pieces and step-by-step photos to guide the confident beginning sewist through construction of the fabric caddy at the base of the closet. Options include a separate base insert to lend stability, as well as a sewn-in, “invisible” version for the more advanced sewist. Also included are optional dividers attached with hook-and-loop tape. Make as few or as many dividers as you wish and rearrange them in whatever manner works best to organize all of your doll’s essentials!

Matilda’s Closet Caddy would make a handy display tool for craft fairs and trade shows, as well as a great gift for the doll-lovers in your life!


Project Supplies Available from Club Matilda:

Get a jump-start on your project by purchasing PVC supplies directly from Club Matilda! Pick and choose the components you need and have them delivered right to your door. A great option for those who find it difficult to locate supplies and materials* or who prefer to skip the process of cleaning, measuring and cutting pipe. Also makes a great gift!

*Some of the supplies needed for this project are not available from Club Matilda. Click on Supplies Needed tab above for the full list of supplies needed for this project.

CPVC Fittings KitAdd On: PVC Fittings
PVC 1/2-inch fittings
Includes four 3-WAYS*, six 4-WAYS*, 8 ELBOWS (45°), 2 ELBOWS (90°)
*Does NOT include optional CPVC fittings



CPVC Project SuppliesAdd On: Pre-Cut PVC Pipe
Includes Schedule 40 rigid 1/2-inch PVC pipe, pre-cut to lengths specified in pattern
*Does NOT include optional substitute CPVC pipe (to accommodate smaller size hangers)



NOTE: Pre-cut pipe is prepared as ordered. Please allow 2-4 days plus shipping time for delivery. All project supplies shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Available in the U.S. & Canada only.


Dress Up Your Matilda's Closet Caddy with Applique

Click the image above for a mini-tutorial explaining how to use a no-sew applique technique to dress up your Closet Caddy!


Get inspired by these samples made by Team Tillie!

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– Two 10-foot Schedule 40 rigid 1/2-inch PVC pipes (cut pieces total approximately 16 feet, not accounting for waste). (Available from Club Matilda: ADD-ON: PRE-CUT PVC PIPE)
– PVC 1/2-inch fittings (slip): four 3-ways*, six 4-ways*, 8 elbows (45°), 2 elbows (90°) (Available from Club Matilda: ADD-ON: CPVC FITTINGS)
– Optional CPVC hanger rod substitution (for smaller size hangers): 12 3/4 inches almond color CPVC CTS 1/2-inch pipe, two 3/4×1/2-inch CPVC reducing coupler fittings
– Optional: sandpaper (medium and fine grit), spray paint for plastic, contact cement

– 2/3 yard main fabric (cotton, lightweight denim, cotton duck, lightweight canvas) for caddy exterior
– 2/3 to 1 1/3 yards fabric (cotton, lightweight denim, cotton duck, lightweight canvas) for lining and optional caddy dividers
– For optional caddy dividers: 40 inches of 3/4-inch hook-and-loop tape
– For optional base insert: chipboard, cardboard or 1/8-inch plywood (approximately 12×16 inches)
– Thread

– Small handheld PVC pipe cutter, hacksaw or miter saw
– Measuring tape or yardstick
– Pliers
– Sewing machine
– Rubber mallet
– T-square
– Box cutter or X-ACTO knife
– Self-healing mat

* These sometimes hard-to-find PVC project supplies are available directly from Club Matilda!

• Basic measurement
• PVC cutting using a handheld PVC pipe cutter or hand saw
• Confident beginner-level machine sewing

Base Caddy: 18 in. long x 9 1/4 inches wide x 6 inches tall
Overall: 18 inches long x 9 1/4 inches wide x 18 1/2 inches tall


  1. I decided not to paint the pvc pipe. The instructions were easy to follow with great photos. Much easier to put together than I thought would be.

  2. Caddy

  3. This is a cute pattern. The fabric portion was easy and it went together quickly. I measured all the pattern pieces and used a rotary cutter and a cutting mat. Preparing the PVC took a long time. I spray-painted the pieces black and there were a lot of pieces to spray but protect the inside and the ends from overspray. Then I got to the assembly part and it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to put the upper rectangle (the one with the 4-way pieces) on, with the fabric and all. I ended up cutting off the tabs, opening the lining seam and inserting velcro to attach to the PVC pieces. Cost was about $30 for the PVC alone, but I am happy with the result. Next time, I'll make a longer one (with more space for hangers). I'll also only spray-paint the bottom pieces before assembly and spray-paint the top portion when it is assembled. I like how the caddy looks and it will be great for displaying a bunch of doll clothes.

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  2. Answered by the admin In order to complete the project, you will need both pipe and fittings. Supplies can be purchased individually at most hardware stores or online. If you would like to use our kits, you would need BOTH kits to complete the project. (Please note that our fitting kit is currently out of stock - we have no scheduled date right now for restocking it.)
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