More DIY Doll-Sized Camping Accessories!

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Camping accessories for American Girl and other 18-inch dolls

Couldn’t stop with just one …

Doll-sized camping sewing patterns - 18-inch dolls - American Girl dollsIt started with a sewing pattern for a tent.

From there, my brain was spinning with ideas, resulting in two kinds of sleeping bags, a soft-sided cooler and even a portable padded chair. I love how one idea leads to another… and another… and another!

In the process of creating these fun camping accessories, I’ve also been on the hunt for related items that are either available for sale or that others have designed and can easily be made.

I thought I’d share a few of those items with you today…


For Your Campsite…

doll-sized-campfireCampfire – It’s easy to create your own safe doll-sized campfire pit using a few pieces of wood or bark from the yard and a battery-operated tea light! If you’d like a pit to contain the fire, a salsa bowl like the one shown works great. (I found mine at Albertsons.) Add a white pony bead or two to the end of a small stick and you’re all set to roast marshmallows!





doll-sized-flashlightFlashlight – There are lots of small flashlights available on the market that would work for your doll. I found mine at our local variety store for just $1 each.






Doll-sized DIY camping latternLantern – Spotted on the the Savage Dolls blog, this little doll-sized lantern is made using a medicine cup, pill bottle lid and tealight. Very clever (and cute!)








Doll-sized DIY coolerHard-Sided Cooler – Another fun cooler to make, this one created by Camp Doll Diaries is made using a tea box and foam.






Doll-sized camp stoveCook Stove – Also from Camp Doll Diaries, this little cook stove is made using an Altoid tin, foam, Duck Brand crafting sheets, pony beads… and a ton of creativity!







Doll-sized water coolerWater Cooler – Shared on the website, this little water cooler is made from bottle caps, electrical tape and beads. (Be sure to check out their page because they share a ton of other fun DIY camping accessories projects in addition to this one!)








For Your Cooler…


0007658_snack-attack-soda-bottle-scented-eraser_300Snack Attack Soda Pop Scented Bottle Erasers from – These fun little erasers are the perfect size for American Girl and other 18-inch dolls! Add some bubble wrap to your color to mimic ice, toss in a few of these bottles and you’re all set for your backyard barbecue, campout or road trip!





0007360_snack-attack-soda-scented-eraser_300Snack Attack Soda Scented Erasers from – Prefer canned drinks? They have those too!






Doll Sized Food ErasersFresh from the Garden 3D Erasers from – More doll-sized food from this online school supply store.






Looking For More Doll-Sized Camping Accessories?

I’ve started a Pinterest board just for that purpose! As I discover new ideas, I’ll share them on the board so be sure to follow me if you’d like to see what I find!

Follow Matilda Jo Originals’s Board Camp Matilda on Pinterest


Share Your Ideas!

Have another great doll-sized camping accessory to share? I’d love to see it! Feel free to comment below…












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