Recommended Doll Sewing & PVC Suppliers

Looking for a doll-sized zipper, tiny buckle or other hard-to-find supplies for your doll sewing projects?

Here are a few of my favorite doll sewing suppliers:

Doll-Sized Zippers zipit on Etsy – Great selection, super speedy and excellent customer service! I haven’t looked anywhere else because they’ve had everything I’ve needed so far, including super short zippers, separating zippers and a huge range of colors.    

Ultra-Thin and/or Colored Velcro Farmcookies on Etsy – Lots of colors of ultra-thin Velcro available here.  

Tiny Buckles Buckle Guy on Etsy – Here’s where I found the 1/2-inch D rings and 1/2-inch buckles used to make the belts in my Atta Girl Baseball/Softball Uniform & Pants patterns.  

Small Scale Snaps supplyzone on Etsy – Finding button-type snaps smaller than 1/2-inch is tricky but I found some here called “segma” snaps. KAM Snaps – Easy to set plastic and metal snaps in a variety of sizes and colors!  

Two-Part Eyelets supplyzone on Etsy – I don’t trust single-piece eyelets, especially on tiny shoes. I was able to order some two-part eyelets here for a reasonable price in a gunmetal/antique finish. Eyelet Outlet – Lots of tiny eyelets and finishing washers (backings) available here.  

Nylon Web Lucies Luvlies on Etsy – Several colors of sometimes hard to find 1/2-inch webbing, which is the kind I used to make the belt in my Atta Girl Baseball/Softball Uniform & Pants patterns.  

Doll-Sized Wooden Hangers Wooden Hangers USA – Adorable wooden hangers with and without clips.  

Chipboard Thunderbolt Paper via – Chipboard sheets available in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions.  

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Looking for PVC & CPVC pipe & fittings?

Club Matilda is not currently offering PVC items for sale. Here are our recommended suppliers for your AptOne8 PVC furniture projects: – This is our favorite supplier for both PVC and CPVC fittings. They offer very reliable service and discounts are available for bulk quantities.

FormuFit – Furniture-grade PVC pipe & fittings, including several color options. More expensive than other sources but great to work with. Highly recommended if it fits in your budget.

Amazon – Some PVC fittings can usually be found here.

IMPORTANT: Please pay close attention to your AptOne8 furniture project supply list as some of our patterns call for PVC pipe and fittings and others use CPVC pipe and fittings. Even if they are both listed as “1/2-inch”, the two types of pipe and fittings ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Your project will NOT turn out as expected if you use the wrong type of pipe & fittings.

TIP: PVC is usually white in color and larger in size than CPVC of the same listed measurement. CPVC is generally almond (light yellow) in color.

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