Take 5: Handy Sewing Reference Charts to Save & Print

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How many times have you had to stop in the middle of a doll sewing project to look up basic information? If you’re like me, it happens often … and frequently, I’m looking up something I’ve already looked up a dozen times before!

Let’s save ourselves a bit of time the next time around by taking a simple step today … save and print these five handy sewing charts and post them in your sewing room. A few minutes now means more uninterrupted sewing time later!

How To Save Each Chart: Click on each image below to visit the website from which it originated. On that website, right-click on the image and click “Save Image As,” then choose where on your device you would like the image saved.

After you have saved all of the images you want, you can open them using your preferred image software. Print and post in your sewing studio for easy access during your next doll sewing project!

Five Handy Sewing Charts to Save & Print

Handy Doll Sewing Reference Chart 1. Standard Tape Measure Showing Inch Breakdown by Sixteenths. Rather than counting (and recounting) the little lines on your tape measure, refer to this quick and easy chart from Sew4Home.com.


Handy Doll Sewing Reference Chart 2. Yards-to-Inches Yardage Conversion Card. Download a quick and easy yardage conversion card from LeAnne Ballard at Everyday Celebrations. You even have your choice of five different colors for your card!


3. Needle Size Comparison Chart. Not sure which needle size is best for the fabric you’re using? Refer to this handle needle size chart from Feathers Flights.


Handy Doll Sewing Reference Chart 4. Craft Adhesive Guide. It seems there’s a specialty glue for just about any use you can imagine. Figure out which adhesive is the best one for your project with this nice little reference chart from U Create.


Handy Doll Sewing Reference Chart5. Doll Measurements Chart.  With so many lovely dolls in need of custom-fit clothing, you’ll find yourself referring to this comprehensive chart of doll measurements from 18 on Main and Merry Manatees time and again! (This and several other handy doll size comparison charts can be found on the Doll Size Comparisons Pinterest board curated by Linda Miller of Merry Manatees Creations.)


Have your own favorite sewing reference chart?

Please share in the comments below!


  1. Shelly

    I just downloaded the print outs, and will print them out tomorrow and either make a wall hanging with them, or put them in one of my 3-ring binders that I keep my patterns in. I do like the comment from Marian about adding the measurements of the other dolls to the chart!

  2. Marian

    Handy print outs. I printed the out and find them handy. If I do measurements for the other 18in dolls from Target, Michaels, and Sears Maplelea Canadian dolls, would you be interested in posting them. They are all different. Lol

  3. Donna

    “flog” yeah no LOL! Sorry for the typo! Forgot me bifocals. 🙂

  4. Donna

    Thank you for these very helpful charts.
    While arranging carrots on a plate in home ec. I saw the boys bring out really cool lamps, stools, etc. So when it came time to learn finer points (like what needles to use ) I zoned out dreaming of being the first girl in shop class. I was first girl drummer and held first chair in a room full of those shop boys. It won’t get you many dates and don’t get a doll dress made! LOL
    Now as a doll collector I have the desire to create but shy away from different materials, etc. because of early daydreaming. Embarrassed to ask at my age I have daydreamed of creating doll things. I found your flog and my toes are in the water. With this post, think it’s time I jump on in. 🙂

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