PATTERN: Footie Jammies for 14.5-inch dolls such as WellieWishers™

Sew Footie Jammies for your WellieWishers™ doll!



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Kids of all sizes love snuggling up in a pair of cozy, footed pajamas ... including the 14.5-inch variety, such as our friends the WellieWishers™!

Inspired by our Footie Jammies for 18-inch dolls and also known as a blanket sleeper, these PJs are stretchy and loosely form-fitting. Suitable only for knits with a significant amount of stretch, they can be made of a variety of weights and textures, from thick and furry fleece to thinner, lightweight fabrics. You could even recycle your favorite t-shirts!

Features include a collar with knit facing, front zipper, elasticized back for a slightly more fitted look and optional elastic at the wrists. For a realistic touch, try using textured fabric for the soles. (You wouldn't want your doll to slip!) With easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions, these jammies go together quickly for most confident beginner to intermediate level seamstresses who aren't afraid to tackle a zipper. (Don't worry ... we're just an email away if you get stuck!)


Get inspired by these samples made by our Team Tillie Testers!

• 1/2 yard stretchy knit fabric, such as stretchy polar fleece or heavy t-shirt knit (NOT suitable for fabrics without a significant amount of stretch in at least one direction or your doll will not be able to bend or sit)
• Nylon zipper, 6-inch or longer (will be cut during construction)
• 9 inches of 1/4-inch wide elastic
• Thread

Customer Photos & Comments

  1. Laurie Dacus
    December 20, 2020
    I used heavy t-shirt fabric and my granddaughter loves them. This pattern sews up so well and fits beautifully!
    Connie Tews
    December 22, 2019
    Great pattern! Easy to follow.
    PATTERN: Footie Jammies for 14.5-inch dolls such as WellieWishers™ photo review
    December 19, 2016
    It came out so adorable! Perfect fit!
    PATTERN: Footie Jammies for 14.5-inch dolls such as WellieWishers™ photo review
    September 30, 2016
    The girls LOVE their new fleece pajamas. These go together quite easily with good instructions.
    PATTERN: Footie Jammies for 14.5-inch dolls such as WellieWishers™ photo review
    Shirley Fomby
    August 20, 2016
    Camille, Willa and Ashlyn are going to a sleepover! Don't they like warm and cozy?
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