PATTERN: Any Way You Slice It Purse (PDF)

Sew your own Any Way You Slice It Purse in both dolly and me sizes!

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Create matching dolly and me zippered purses featuring a slice of your favorite fruit!

There are so many options in this PDF pattern, you really can slice it any way you like! In addition to both doll and child-sized versions for all pattern pieces, options include a purse side made of pieced wedges or one solid "slice." Choose from a shoulder strap or an elasticized slip-on wrist version ... or both, as all straps are removable with the click of your chosen clasp.

Also included is a narrower "rind" for your purse so that you can make a slimmer, wallet-style version. And don't forget about all of your options for accessorizing! Try buttons, sequins, puffy paint, crystals, beads ... the list is limited only by your imagination!

• Woven fabric (sturdy cotton, home decorating fabrics, light- to medium weight denim) – Approximately 1/6 yard each of main, accent and lining fabrics.
• One vinyl zipper per purse
DOLL: 4-inch (or longer)
CHILD: 9-inch (or longer)
(Zippers will be cut during construction. Size given is the minimum length needed)
• Bias tape maxi piping (.5 in wide)
DOLL: 12 3/4 inches
CHILD: 27 inches
• Purse hardware
DOLL: 2 lobster clasps with rings to fit 1/4- to 3/8-inch strap PLUS scrap of 1/4-inch wide ribbon
CHILD: 2 clasps with rings to fit 1/2- to 1-inch strap
• Thread
• Purse strap hardware & materials:
Approximately 28-30 inches of 1/2- to 1-inch wide ribbon, nylon webbing or other chosen strap material (or fabric to make you r own) PLUS 2 rings to match your chosen purse hardware
WRIST STRAP: 5 (DOLL) to 9 (CHILD) inches of 1/4-inch wide elastic PLUS 1 clasp to fit your chosen purse rings
• OPTIONAL – 1/6 yard fusible interfacing (for reinforcing less sturdy fabrics for the CHILD size purse)
• OPTIONAL – Beads, sequins, puffy fabric paint, crystals, buttons or other chosen embellishments.

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