Run With It: Accessory Ideas for Your Little Runner

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Atta-Girl, Matilda's Journal | 0 comments

Spring is quickly approaching … a great time to lace up those running shoes and hit the trail, maybe even take in a race or two! If your little 18-inch doll friend would like to get in on the action (or at least pretend to do so), she’ll need the right gear. Here are some fun things to make and buy to get your little runner off on the right foot…

Doll Running Accessories You Can Make

Atta Girl Long-Distance Running Outfit Sewing Pattern – Sew up the perfect running outfit for your 18-inch doll using our original sewing pattern! Includes pattern and instructions to make an all-in-one running skirt with attached leggings in your choice of four lengths PLUS a pull-on singlet, all made from two-way stretch fabric (or upcycled swimwear!)

Also included is a bonus tutorial that shows you how to make a detachable running bib.

Available exclusively from Matilda’s Closet.

Arm Warmers – Create slip-on arm warmers by cutting two 3-by-3-inch squares from two-way stretch fabric (such as an old swimming suit). Wrong sides together, fold one of the squares in half. Zigzag stitch the raw edges together that are opposite the fold. Turn right side out. Repeat to make a second arm warmer. Slip them on and you’re ready to go!

Headband – Create an easy headband using the cuff of a long-sleeved knit shirt. Simply trim off about an inch of the cuff and slip it over your doll’s head! (Most knits do not ravel and therefore do not need “finishing,” but if you prefer a cleaner look, you could also zigzag stitch the cut edge.) Using the end of a sleeve from a child-sized short-sleeved shirt sometimes works, as well.

Sneakers – Sew up a pair of these cute sneakers using this sewing pattern by Miche Designs.

Fanny Pack – Sew up matching fanny packs for both doll and child!

Doll Running Accessories You Can Buy

Items such as the following can often be found at, your local dollar store or other similar shops.

Doll-Sized iPod (Eraser) – Your little runner will be able to run along to the beat with this doll-sized eraser that looks like an iPod.

Canvas Doll Sneakers – Don’t want to sew your own? No problem… this is just one of several options for doll-sized sneakers you can buy if you look around online.

Doll Socks – Any long-distance runner knows that you can’t forget the socks! Another fairly easy item to find if you poke around a bit on the Web.

Winner’s Medallion – Recognize your little runner’s racing success by giving her a race medallion! If you can’t find one to buy, simply choose your favorite charm and thread it on a length of ribbon long enough to fit over your doll’s head.


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